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read user scenario for these notes


These raw notes are provided as our documentation and for your insight and entertainment. They are not meant to start a flame war. Wait for our complete analysis before reacting.

task: edit existing icons.

Save container

  1. There should be special name convention for saving, with sets of icon in different sizes typical for system. However user could still have possibility to setup his own custom icon view.
  2. User would save GIMP file, but export icons typical for chosen system, or his own set/’system’.

Creating new template set of icons

  1. User would choose file names, sizes, file formats.
  2. Naming convention: i.e. 16.png, that could be later changed into medium.png.

Icons update

It would be possible to set for a smaller icon a stand alone mode, so it would not update at all.


  1. Seeing overview would be simple in Icon mode, but there need to be view mode when opening icons as PNG. New view should not have Menu bars, rulers etc., but just the bottom bar with magnification, coordinates, status bar.
  2. Having second view where user could use light effect on 100% zoom and also having possibility to change one pixel color on 400% in first view, could be a good idea.
  3. In the menu user could probable chose between Editable New View or simple View in different zoom, but not editable. New names for Views would be needed.

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