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More detailed filter analysis:
# [[Color Menu Analysis| color menu]]
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back to [[Analysis#open_and_save_dialogs|analysis ]]

Latest revision as of 14:56, 17 September 2007

When evaluating filters we got convinced that the amount of filters in core GIMP needs to be reduced, so that only the ones which effects fit user scenarios stay.

  • some filters can be straight away changed into additional plugins (ex.Depth Merge), some need to be improved to stay in core GIMP (ex.Glass Tile, Newsprint)
  • there should be better parameters, not so technical (ex.Emboss)
  • more interactive, UI more straightforward
  • preview should be available
  • not parametrized filters might become modes
  • better categorization in menu

As a result we can discuss which filters need improvements, which shouldn't stay in core GIMP, and which should be kept far away from it.

More detailed filter analysis:

  1. color menu

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