Free-polygon tool specification

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This is the specification for the straight cross between the free selection tool and the new polygon selection tool, developed by Martin Nordholts. One can look at the combined tool as:

  • a polygon selection tool with the option to insert freely traced segments in between;
  • a free selection tool that connect free segments by polygons.

The free-polygon selection tool is meant to replace both the free and polygon selection tools.

between the lines

In principle the tool is used to build up a polygon, where the nodes shall be one of two types:

  1. a polygon point, which shall be created by a single click;
  2. a free segment which shall be created by a drag, in the same way as the current free selection tool.

The free segment shall have two polygon points incorporated: one at the start (the coordinate where the mouse went down) and on at the end (the coordinate where the mouse went up).

The polygon points shall be displayed as in the new polygon select tool (also the two of a free segment)

straight to the point

The sequence of nodes in a polygon shall be interconnected by straight lines. For a free segment, the start polygon point shall be connected to the previous polygon point and the end polygon point shall be connected to the next polygon point.

Between creating nodes of a free-polygon, the tool shall rubber-band a straight line from the last (end) polygon point created to the mouse pointer coordinate.

start and finish

The creation of a free-polygon shall be able to be started by creating either node type.