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got ideas?

Join the GIMP UI brainstorm, the channel for everybody to contribute to this process. It is moderated by our team, we ‘listen’ to what you show us and broaden our horizons.


The team that is working on the UI redesign project consists of:

  • peter sikking, principal interaction architect —blog, on GIMP
  • Kamila Giedrojć, associate interaction architect —portfolio
  • Ellen Reitmayr, usability consultant —website

product vision

Ultimately, every decision taken by our UI team is about realising the product vision. At the LGM 2006, peter sikking held a workshop with the GIMP team, and helped them to formulated their product vision:

  • GIMP is Free Software;
  • GIMP is a high-end photo manipulation application and supports creating original art from images;
  • GIMP is a high-end application for producing icons, graphical elements of web pages and art for user interface elements;
  • GIMP is a platform for programming cutting-edge image processing algorithms, by scientists and artists;
  • GIMP is user-configurable to automate repetitive tasks;
  • GIMP is easily user-extendable, by ‘one-click’ installation of plug-ins.

user scenarios

These User Scenarios are used in the GIMP redesign project. They are the result of workplace observations and a weekend workshop with the GIMP team.

expert evaluation notes

We spent a month and a half evaluating GIMP. Enjoy reading the raw Expert Evaluation Notes.


Our analysis its the result all of our work on GIMP up to now, and shows the way forward for each aspect of GIMP UI, in the form of solution models.


Solution models get further developed into UI specifications, ready for implementation.