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Open Dialog

  • Open and Save dialogs should be implemented natively (be adopted to a platform)
  • for opening the files from browser window both dragging and typing should be supported
    • Open Location requires now that user adopt to machine. Small project to find the solution for a mini (ftp like) browser for Open location dialog could solve Open Location problems .
    • drag-and-drop - opening images by drag-and-drop should work also for Firefox (now it works just for IE)
  • Open New File Dialog should make it more easy to set right size and resolution.
    • Image Size: width and height should be chained
    • It should be possible to chose resolution for print and for screen without entering advanced options.
  • Open PDF needs Ghostscript, this should come as an installer option.
    • other points:
      • something is wrong with sizing the pages preview
      • width and height should be chained, what happens if aspect ratio gets altered by the user: squash or cut?

Save Dialog

  • The most important thing about saving is that one saves exactly this picture, and right now, that's why:
  • We need a big preview img window, but without rulers, menu bar, etc.
  • We could set by default Zoom tool, to see the quality details.
  • User shouldn’t be able to use other tools while saving (for ex. a brush). Even if it doesn’t save what got changed while saving.
  • We don’t like the solution to place quality slider and other settings in the existing image window.
  • Save as:
    • Changing the name should be more easy. For example if you worked on image.jpg, then ‘image’ could be already highlighted, and you could just type the name without a file format.
    • It’s important to be able to save work mask together with TIFF.
  • Saving files with layers into JPG:
    • Export, ignore: the terms are no good, what happens is not predictable.
    • There should be a better dialog, safer, explaining more. (Now we will take this layer and merge it/flatten.)
    • Better choice of the default formats (if a JPG file has layers, save it as xcf.)
    • To be furthered discussed if it shall remember the last decision as a default or not. Because it may cause mistakes when it saves sth as JPG when user have few layers.

  • saving jpeg for web
    • At the moment there is no Save for Web dialog.
    • There should be a really big dialog with a big preview. The dialog should be as big as the image window at the moment.
    • some advanced options are too technical
      • There should be priority A options - always visible, other should be ordered by categories but in collapsed advanced sections. We need to give them subheadings.
        • priority A: quality slider, preview, optimized checkbox, maybe progressive (progressive size order – could GIMP know which gives in a result the smallest size)
        • priority B other saving categories – i.e. smoothing
        • priority C restart markers, sub sampling, dct method