Evaluation Notes - Creating Macros & Scripts

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read user scenario for these notes


These raw notes are provided as our documentation and for your insight and entertainment. They are not meant to start a flame war. Wait for our complete analysis before reacting.

task: automating repetitive tasks and create 'black boxes'.

macros recording

  1. Automating has to be so simple that anyone with any platform would be able to grasp the concept of recording the macros.

black boxes

  1. User needs to see the steps one after another in the black box, together with the parameters (maybe some of them might be adjustable here).
  2. User would have possibility to open a new window with parameters, and here again the black box would be a heads up display. We would also have to think about some preview.

creating instance

  1. We want to separate creating a black box and executing it, by creating an instance.
  2. In the instance you could still change the parameters.


Selection wouldn’t be recorded, because they would be different for each img.


Still user would be able to drop some steps in history to another file with GEGL..

new steps

It would be possible to create a new step in black box, and for example open a new (empty) window and perform tasks while recording.

fine grained scripting control

Idea: fine grained scripting control – most would have some txt files where you could program, but user would also be able to program with symbols. But his kind of visual scripting would be probable too much for now.

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