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GIMP used to have an on-and-off dedicated team of GUI experts, led by Peter Sikking, before 2012. This is not the case anymore. User interaction is now discussed openly on mailing lists and IRC with various professional user interaction experts, developers and creators using GIMP.

The list below is the former list of people from the dedicated team and are not current contacts for discussing user experience in GIMP.

honour list

We thank these previous team members for their valuable contributions:

  • peter sikking, principal interaction architect, m+mi works—blog, on GIMP
  • Kamila Giedrojć, associate interaction architect —portfolio
  • Ellen Reitmayr, usability consultant —website
  • Kate Price, interaction architect
  • Tobias Ehni, usability consultant
  • Dominique Schmidt, associate interaction architect
  • Marinus Schraal, associate interaction architect