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here is the outline for the kate + peter lgm Vienna talk:


  • intro-
    • introduce us
    • interaction architects
    • you know us, we are working on GIMP (for years)
  • this project,
    • internship of Domi, all text handling in GIMP, in progress
    • the project structure is our story
  • text handling vision, point for point
    • relate to overall GIMP vision
    • the GIMP context
    • the GEGL strategy
    • input of user needs
    • sum up: not contextless nuts-and-bolts discussion


  • Project-
    • functionality- what happens in other packages- what do typographers need?
    • scenarios- we did it- they are based on the GIMP user scenarios
    • evaluation
  • Analysis
    • interesting stuff we found out along the way
    • how we got where we are

then the hit list:

  1. Text
    • attributes of free text, typography etc (faux bold/italics)
    • the bounding box
  2. the context of heavy image manipulation on top: working with text- editing modes, on-canvas vs.
  3. Vector containers
    • the marriage of the text and the vector object - for example margins- belonging to the text but are only fully applicable when the text is contained
    • the "text box" is vector container - duh conclusion... but in the GIMP context...


  1. warping texts with paths
    • 2 different kinds of path warping, per paragraph
    • free text vs. boxed text
  2. tools: handling the different aspects of the text object they are working on- what is in the text tool (positioning- resizing and moving etc..)
    • dealing with complex vector shapes
    • using the bounding box - setting text in complex shapes
  3. negative wrapping using vectors

the end.