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Dear Interview Partners,
first of all, thank you very much for your interest in participating in interviews for Mental Models for GIMP. To make it easier for you to decide if you do want to take part, I'd like to give you some basic information about the interviews:

  • interviews will be held in English
  • they will take place October 3rd-7th and 10th-12th
  • one interview will take about one hour
  • time of the interviews will be scheduled using doodle (supports time zones,
  • interviews will be audio only via VoIP (service has yet to be announced)
  • interviews will be recorded and transcribed
  • interviews and later findings will be freely available online, following the idea of open-source
  • of course, there will be no business-sensitive questions. Focus of the interviews is your work as an artist / designer.

I'd be happy if you decided to participate. Your answers will help in many ways. A better understanding of your work will help to improve GIMP, guide development and better support your work. All users will profit from that.