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our point

  • take out unnecessary dialogs
  • better previewing
  • HUDs

argumentation chain

  • from the evaluation we see opportunities to scrap unnecessary dialogs; example: new layer dialog; other examples: rotate perspective, scaling; you un-break the workflow
  • evaluating the UI structure: lots of things will have to run via dialogs, because no room in the inspectors for them
  • in a majority of dialogs there is a small preview, or even just wait and see; let’s make the whole image window the preview, and users can preview the results big and at magnifications that actually matter, if that is too slow, we have a plan B
  • dialogs can stop being in your way and part of what you are doing, by making them HUDs

Raw notes that concern the issue more or less.


Separate options in toolbox for Levels and other dialogs should disappear, and it’s options should be integrated within one dialog.


All the plug-ins could be in heads-up displays. The preview will be at the whole img. If a filter takes time, there could be smaller preview in heads up display. A simple look-through 'glass' where you see the effect on the main window underneath.

Fragments of Analysis

Heads-up displays (HUDs) are semi-transparent dialogs. That allows them to be less obstructive than old skool dialogs and more part of the content one is working on. These properties make it possible to move towards a general interaction where the image window is the preview.


Previews are an area with limited number of pixels that make predictable what the effect of a certain operation will be on all the image pixels. The number of screen pixels of an image windows is also limited, by the hardware.