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our point

  • blocks of text
  • more typography
  • GEGL helps
  • HUD for editing

argumentation chain

  • evaluation we saw: text in original art (creatively) and web pieces (creative and functional);
  • we saw no need for page layout functionality: columns, baseline aligning etc.
  • we saw user has to make a choice at a point is text pixel or vector
  • we did see the need for character styling and typographical control like kerning, baseline shift
  • see the need for both free running text like now, and restricted to a rectangle (column)
  • one piece of text on one layer is not enough: label 10 buttons
  • follows: blocks of text on one text layer, show sub-part of the layer, stacking order
  • GEGL makes that we and and the user are not concerned anymore whether text is vector or pixel: good, work antural
  • therefore distorting text geometry or applying pixel effects to text become a doddle
  • edit text in dialog or not? HUD tech allows for switching into edit mode, focussing on it and avoiding conflicts with tool shortcuts

Raw notes that concern the issue more or less.


  1. We should change the Close button into Done in the text input dialog.
  2. When choosing a font, also in the dropdown you should have a possibility to type in the first letter and see the first entry starting with it (like in the textbox beside it).
  3. GIMP text editor- when checking the ‘use selected font’ then the cursor disappears and there is no focus.
  4. Typing directly on layer would be a better solution.
  5. it should be possibility to select an area to fit the text in text. The area would be a text 'column'. However we also like the fact that one click sets the top-left corner of an (unlimited) text block.
  6. It would be useful if the text could wrap around when reaching side edge of the canvas.This has to be optional.
  7. RTL mode seems not to work.
  8. idea: text box concept, user could have possibility to resize the text box and it would not be based on layer dimensions.
  9. When opening a text file only the files with right extensions would be open, and if an error appears, then there should be a good error message saying which file types are supported.
  10. It is difficult to move the text (in the Pick a layer or guide mode of the Move tool), because you need to click exactly in a rendered pixel of the text.
  11. There should be possibility to group the text together for some operation, like color changes. But it should give possibility to keep the sizes different.
  12. Resizing the text –should it be vector or pixel? Pixel- gives possibility to apply filters. User could start with vector, then change to pixel and apply operations/filters, then come back to vector, and all the effects should be still there.
  13. Spacing/kerning—needs to be investigated- typographical requirements.
  14. Still there should not be too many features. not add page layout functionality.
  15. We need to think whether the text tool should always select a piece of already existing text, or always start a new one. Because it’s a problem to find a text when there is a lot of text, but on the other hand if you want to create overlapping text , it is difficult, because you don’t create a new layer, just stick to the old one.
  16. Paths- when creating a path, it should be visible by default.
  17. Bug fixes- the text doesn’t match the path so well.
  18. Create Path from Text creates fine results for deforming texts, substitute of Vector.
  19. Text along path: Why does it always deform the text. probably it needs an option,
  20. The inspector, toolbox buttons could be replaced with heads up display.
  21. menu options for text should not appear in the Layers menu. we need a new concept where these menu items go.


  1. We need to have discussion about linking a few text boxes for modification (color, position) and not loosing the control over the text.
  2. Idea: text layer, within which you have text boxes. Text boxes are transparent and contain just the text. There would be a need to set the stacking order of the text boxes, because they could overlap each other. Although text default to share the same layer, it should also be possible to create consecutive separate text layers, because some users would want to have quick possibility to switch some layers/text objects on and off.
  3. Applying color effects on text should be easier.