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Currently creating evolved brushes (GIH in particular) is a brain-killer. In particular:

   the concept of "cells" is a complete mess to organize your work (basically draw several variants of a brush in the same layer instead of one per layer).


When I create .gih brushes, I prefer design templates where my image is already organized to build the sequence of the array (the cropping of each cell proceed automatically). In this way, is more easy to understand how this works and how to design good .gih brushes to painting scopes.


The various dimension criteria could be displayed in proper ways, specific to each criteria:

* "Angular" could show as a full circle where variants depending on angle ranges would show around the circle.
* "Speed" and "Pressure" could show linearly (left: low speed/pressure, right: high speed/pressure).
* tilt could show as a half circle.
* Incremental and random would show linearly.
The goal would be to display and navigate brush variants on some GUI with above widgets to get a very quick and understandable overview of the brush.


I am not able to understand how this could be made visually if is the idea.


  • All documentation is focused uniquely to explain decorative usage. When we use the .GIH brushes on painting, the scopes of ranks are completely different and how you organize the layer array is too.