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Let's rework the project vision! IMO the project vision should be a one-liner. A list of features will always be non-exhaustive. For instance the current project vision more or less excludes painting (it can include it by stretching, but one can see that is playing blind) even though painting is clearly an important usage to many people. A lot of companies have one-liner project vision, and that is just fine.

A remark on IRC I got is that it makes the vision useless. Maybe. If that's true, then the vision is useless. Let's just not have one! :P

Also another remark is that we should stop call it "Product Vision". GIMP is not a product. We are not a company and we don't want to fall in such areas. GIMP is a software and a software.

My proposed project vision: "GIMP is a high quality generic image editor."

Jehan (talk) 18:16, 16 May 2017 (UTC)