Text functionality in GIMP

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  • full support of all Unicode content
  • support for all OpenType features
  • multiple writing systems in the same text-box
  • right to left and top-down textflow


  • the text content is always accessible and editable
  • all applied effects are kept

Quick plain text

  • the full-functionality text-tool is not obligatory
  • simple annotations are supported
  • can be inserted in an easy way


  • stroke text
  • fill text
  • all effects and filter can be applied on the text itself (see "Corrections")


  • full control to the user on every level
  • all this is done in the context of the overall work:
    • the canvas
    • the applied effects


  • freely positionable on the canvas
  • text boxes of any shape
  • (rectangular) box fixed or dynamic
  • text overflow from box to box
  • text along path
  • transformation tools
  • combinations of above functions
  • ?grid (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_%28page_layout%29 )


  • fine grained-control
  • presets can be saved
  • manual access (M) to open type (OT) features: Glyph palette

Character level

  • Font family
  • Font variant
  • size
  • Color
  • Hinting
  • Kerning (M+OT)
  • faux bold+italics
  • underline
  • through-line
  • baseline shift
  • language

+ OpenType features

  • ?glyph scaling (vertical and horizontal)

line and paragraph level

  • leading (Line Spacing)
  • tracking
  • Indent
  • justification
  • inter-paragraph spacing
  • text-flow