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This analysis its the result all of our work on GIMP up to now, and shows the way forward for each aspect of GIMP UI, in the form of solution models.


windows, toolbox, inspectors

heads-up displays

zooming and scrolling

the toolbox

the brush tools

  • make the four main brush modes (airbrush, nib, pencil, paintbrush) sub-modes of every type of brush tool, not just of color painting;
  • create the opportunity to move the four main brush modes to be more algorithm based for further refinement. Bitmaps for brush shapes will play a more secondary role (for special jobs) in the future;
  • complete the palette of type of adjustments that can be made with a brush:
    • saturation
    • distortion
  • merge cloning and healing;
  • take a less generic approach for what options are available for a certain brush type;
  • discuss the historic significance of the modes parameter, and its future;
  • introduce a way of painting with the effects of plugins. Probebly via the blobs-of-paint concept;
  • review of the shortcut actions to change brush parameters.

the geometry tools

clone and healing tool

sharpening and blurring

path tool


the floating selection

project palettes and blobs of paint

layer control

hot-linking vector images

vector images, and text layers

persistence of settings and resources

cutting mask

export or web

open and save dialogs

scanners and cameras

filters roundup

layer mask and the alpha channel

levels, curves

color balance

split icon view