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export for web

  • save for web should exist
  • it should have a big dialog and a big preview
  • choice from web formats should be supported
  • user wants to have pieces as small as possible and chose the best of the few web formats. That's why there should be integrated UI to investigate that, GIMP needs to help with calculating the sizes, show 'best' default setting.
  • no need for side by side comparisons, does not exist at to final website, it is about the user's value system
  • quality preview needs to be big: reuse image window, use normal zoom tools

  • Saving jpeg for web
    • At the moment there is no Save for Web dialog.
    • There should be a really big dialog with a big preview. The dialog should be as big as the image window at the moment.
    • some advanced options are too technical
      • There should be priority A options - always visible, other should be ordered by categories but in collapsed advanced sections. We need to give them subheadings.
        • priority A: quality slider, preview, optimized checkbox, maybe progressive (progressive size order – could GIMP know which gives in a result the smallest size)
        • priority B other saving categories – i.e. smoothing
        • priority C restart markers, sub sampling, dct method

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