Consistent item tree view buttons

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Bug report:


Several people noted that some well-known buttons on item trees were not at the expected position after adding new buttons. In particular the "Delete" button was not the last in the "Layers", "Channels" and "Paths" docks, whereas they used to be.

Consistency of button order across several similar docks is important for a fluid workflow.


The 4 common buttons across all GimpItemTreeView (Layers, Vectors and Channels) should be easy to spot:

  • They must have always the same icons whatever the item;
  • "New" must be always the leftest;
  • "Delete" must be always the rightest;
  • "Raise", "Lower" and "Duplicate" should be in this order in-between "New" and "Delete".

TODO: should "Raise", "Lower" and "Duplicate" stick to "New" or can they have in-between actions? Currently they are stuck in "Channels" and "Paths" docks, but "Create new layer group" is in-between in the "Layers" dock.