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These raw notes are provided as our documentation and for your insight and entertainment. They are not meant to start a flame war. Wait for our complete analysis before reacting.

task: perform graphic operations on many files.

black boxes

  1. A black box can contain other black boxes one under another.
  2. Can we also drag step from back box B to black box A?
  3. It would be possible to duplicate a black box, change it, and save it.


User could save the change or do sth on a fly and not save it, but when saving it would be compulsory to give it a name. User will not be forced to save anything when closing a file.

new UI

We need a UI, for specifying a file folder, generating new files names, choosing file options, since it doesn’t exist yet.


Optional: user could also see the preview in a split screen for the files that he chooses.

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