Expert Evaluation Notes

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To evaluate GIMP functionality we went through 8 user scenarios. We focused on functionality that would support users goals towards executing their daily tasks. However within some of the scenarios we have already thought about some initial design solutions, because functionality needed was not there.

User scenarios were described as :

  • Photo Realistic - creating high quality photo realistic 1
  • Photo composing - composing images from many fine photo pieces 2
  • Creating original art - creating original art by collage of different images 3
  • Icon designing - designing icons with a help of vector programs 4
  • Working on icon container - elaborating a set of icons 5
  • Creating Web images - creating bitmap elements for Web, also photographic material 6
  • Creating macros & scripts - automating repetitive tasks and creating black boxes7
  • Batch processing - building sequences out of graphic operations and/or black boxes8